I love photographing people. But not in a studio with a cute backdrop, a nice plant or soccer ball, artificial lighting and a contrived pose. I photograph people in their natural habitat, in the business of living their lives and doing what they enjoy doing.

I've always thought of a good portrait as a window and capturing a worthy one is a process not a "ok, sit down, smile, here's your print" event. It usually starts with just a chat. Then a few test shots from different angles - we really do all have our best side. When we think we have the right "feel" and appropriate background, off we go. A typical session involves and hour or two, sometimes three and from 100 to 300 shots. Maybe a change of location and outfit. From there I work through the shots, do minor touch-up, color correction and print a contact sheet. Then depending on your needs I either print the portraits of your choice or supply them in the format you require.

If you would like to discuss a portrait or get an estimate eMail me here. I'm based in Montrose, Colorado.