About John W Carls...

Photography? Travel? - Travel? Photography? Both have been passions for my entire life, at least from about 20 on.

The Travel started around 1970 when I strapped on a backpack, hopped a bus and headed for a backwoods cabin in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. The Photography came soon after when I purchased my first Nikon Photomic TN in 1973. I've been traveling and photographing ever since - and I still have that camera.

Up until about 5 years ago I was a film and chemicals kind of guy. Loved the darkroom. Enjoyed my antique 4x5 camera. But since then I've become a full digital convert. And really, the process from camera to final image hasn't changed. Focus, depth of field and exposure are still critical. As is composition. Digital just gives me so many more tools to create the final image I envisioned when I snapped the shutter.

There are times though that I do miss the chemical smells and sitting in the dark listening to the Stones waiting for a photo to develop - but they pass quickly.